Thursday, August 23, 2012

New design, New store, and a new face!!

The newest design...AFRICA!! I've been wanting to unveil our newest design for many months now, but we've been so busy filling orders for people and stores! What a great problem to have, being busy.  We have had a great response over our new design, Africa.  We hope people who purchase the Africa bibs will feel the love that we're sending from Uganda.  The LIFTED ladies were very excited about sewing on the continent of Africa and celebrating their beautiful country Uganda.  It's also been a wonderful geography/map lesson for the ladies.  We have been able to discuss where Uganda lies on the map as well as other African countries. 
The newest store..........MISH MASH! It's been such an amazing time in LIFTED these last few months.  We are now in 2 stores in Kampala, Banana Boat and now Mish Mash.  If you live in Kampala, UG. or are planning a visit, I hope you can pop into these stores and see all the unique and funky crafts for sale.  The best part of all is the crafts sold in these stores are all hand made by Ugandans and a few Kenyan groups.  By purchasing these crafts you are supporting mama's, aunties, jaja's (g-ma's/g-pa's), fathers, and young girls.  With the money received from their handicrafts they are able to provide for their families.  Before you head to Target or Wal-Mart and buy baby bibs, think about making a purchase that is TRULY making a difference in people's lives.  LIFTED baby bibs are a bit more expensive than your average factory made bib, yes for sure...but you can KNOW that your hard earned money is going to women who are struggling daily to eat and give their kids a brighter future.  The next blog post I'll be sharing about the difference LIFTED is making in the lives of the 4 ladies on board. 
The newest lady........CAROL!  Due to our increase in orders in the States and here in Kampala, we were privileged to welcome another lady into LIFTED.  Meet Carol and her son Felix.  I met Carol a month and half ago after our good friends at Sojourn had gotten to know her and felt she'd be a great addition to our group.  We couldn't agree more and we are excited to have her with us as she's already shown us she's a hard worker and a quick learner.  Carol is struggling to make a better life for her children and also trying to help out with caring for her mother in the village.  Carol is already receiving some small income from the work she's done since being trained at LIFTED.  Her hand stitching is improving every week and she's excited to be able to create the beautiful LIFTED baby bib on a machine of her own one day. 

Stay tuned for more bib designs and hopefully an expansion of products.  We are also hoping and praying about purchasing a industrial-style sewing machine so the stitching can be faster and stronger and allow us to make the bib design even better. 

Thanks for supporting the LIFTED Uganda moms: Miriam, Jane, Mary, Medina and now Carol!!!!

peace & love,
Katie B.


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