Monday, August 22, 2011

And away we go!!

Paska & Medina tracing patterns.

LIFTED Uganda is growing by leaps and bounds! I had a feeling once the bibs made their way into the world and people saw how stinking cute they were that we'd start to get busy! Yay for having more orders than we have bibs at the moment.  I'm thrilled that the demand for LIFTED bibs has risen and given us an opportunity to train up more LIFTED woman.  It brings me so much joy to be able to see women crafting, talking, taking turns playing with the kids, praying for each other, and earning a supplemental income to provide for their families. 

Just check out this adorable bib Mary made! My favorite so far!
Every Wednesday. at Sojourn: Uganda, Mary, Paska, myself and now our newest lady, Medina meet and start cutting, sewing, and getting to know one another.  Mary our second woman to join LIFTED, and I are teaching the other ladies how to trace patterns, cut, and hand stitch.  As of now we have Alice sewing for LIFTED in Arua and now Mary is sewing complete bibs on her own.  Mary has blown me away with her tailoring skills! She's already contributed to a new stitch that has improved the look of the bibs.  It's hard to believe we just started the training in mid April and she's already created almost 20 bibs that I have shipped to the states to sell in a store in Oklahoma!  My hope is to eventually have Mary lead the Kampala team of ladies and even possibly send Mary to a more advanced 2 year tailoring school near us.  It would be wise to start a savings plan through LIFTED for her schooling.  I envision doing this for all the women that are a part of the LIFTED Uganda group.  

Paska is still working hard to learn hand stitching. She's determined to continue practicing and we're seeing her work improve.  We hope to be able to provide a job for Paska even if the stitching proves to be too difficult.  Paska is an incredibly strong woman caring for 7 children.  One of her kids, the youngest, named Princess, suffers from an life altering condition, possibly cerebral palsy.  She carries Princess wherever she goes because she cannot walk.  Although Princess doesn't speak as of yet, when she looks at you, you can see the sparkle of love in her eyes.  Paska is a superb mother, doing all she can for her children. 
The newest lady to LIFTED is Medina! Medina also attends Sojourn-Uganda and is well known by her community.  She has 6 children and is raising them on her own with little help from the father.  She's sweet, kind, and a quick learner.  She's been working on the hand stitching part of the bibs and she's doing a really fantastic job so far. 

Mary's bib- our newest style!
Also, super funtastic news...while I was in the U.S. this past month, I was able to get the LIFTED bibs in our second U.S. store!! It's one of my favorite stores in Fort Collins called Curiosities!  We're super thrilled with how LIFTED is going and look forward to providing more opportunities for Uganda's mothers to earn a living so they can care for their families.    

LIFTED bibs in Curiosities, a store in Ft. Collins, CO.!