Monday, June 6, 2011

Our first LIFTED Customer comment!!!

I'm not one to brag...but I felt I had to share this sweet note from a mama in the U.S.  I'm so excited for the Ugandan ladies in LIFTED and I love hearing Finn's mama brag about their bibs!! 
FINN enjoying his LIFTED Uganda bib!
 Hi, Katie.
Last fall, Jeff gave us one of the bibs that Mama Alice crafted.  Our son, Finn, has been using it since; it is among our favorites!  It's beautiful, it's the perfect size, and it holds up very well to washing (we rinse it in the sink every time we use it and then throw it in the washing machine about once a week).  I also love that it's reversible.   A friend recommended that I take a look at your blog.  It's so exciting to see what a powerful difference LIFTED is making in the lives of Ugandan women and in their communities!  I would like to order three more bibs (one for Finn and a couple to give as gifts.)  I looked at the options on your website, and I love the yellow/blue star bib, as well as the giraffe and bird patterns.  If these are available, that would be great, but we would enjoy having any of the patterns.
Also, I wanted to mention that we've recently discovered that it is hard to find bibs with snap fasteners (as opposed to Velcro).  Snapped bibs have the advantage of staying on a little better when certain little ones learn how to tear off their bibs. (-:  We will be happy to have more LIFTED bibs with Velcro, but I wanted to let you know that there might be a good market for bibs with snap closures if you are interested in trying that out in the future. 
Congratulations to you and to Mama Alice, Mama Mary and Mama Paska.  Best of luck to all of you as LIFTED continues to grow.

P.S.  I'm attaching a picture of Finn enjoying his bib (it holds up to avocado quite nicely!)

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